Veloce Race Review: Binghamton Circuit Race 2017

In this episode of the Veloce Race Review, we discuss the Binghamton Circuit Race for the Men’s Category 3/4. This race was full of attacks off the front, as everyone recognized the need to avoid a group sprint.  The course had a significant hill, which was a great equalizer, and all of the turns were wide and sweeping. The lack of technical features really favored power riders. Strong racers and an open course made breakaway attempts very challenging.

Aaron McNany


Originally from Michigan, Aaron has lived and cycled in several states, including California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. His primary discipline is road, but he's not afraid to get a little dirty during cyclocross season! A graduate of Summit University, Aaron is presently in the MBA program at the University of Scranton. He has a wife and two children, and loves to hustle.

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