Rivertown Cross 2017

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Race Overview


Rivertown Cross 2017 took place in the quant Pennsylvania town of Wrightsville, rightalongside the Susquehanna River. Just in view of the towns iconic bridge, the race overtook a flowing, grassy park, utilizing fast moving turf, stretches of rolling paths, and interesting tree features. Though not one of the larger races in its series, Rivertown Cross provided a great race venue, and the field sizes were more than adequate, especially for a race so deep into the season!

The Course

Starting in a large field, the prologue provided a few hundred hards for racers to sprint for positioning. Once on the course, racers were faced with the course’s main elevation–a decently-graded slope leading up to the road. The hill contained a number of switchbacks and off-camber turns, as well as the course’s one set of barriers.

Completing the hill section, riders descended onto two long straightaways, allowing power riders to gain a bit of ground on their opponents. On ‘gushy’, low-PSI tubulars or tubeless setups, riders felt absorbed into the mulch of these sections, quite possibly second-guessing their pre-race tire pressure decisions. These concerns were dropped, however, as the back section of the course began, with slick hairpin turns and corners. The morning’s thick frost melted into the turf by the end of race #1, and some sections had a fair share of mud.

Perhaps one of the more creative features of the course was found in the back section–a merry-go-round-esque movement through the trees, created by a series of near-270° turns around tree trunks. This was a potentially speed-arresting spot that required excellent handling skills as racers whirled around each tree.

The finishing stretch was rather short, and right after a series of hill-turns. This made sprint finishes highly unlikely, and more times than not, whoever entered the turns first was able to reach the finishing line first.

Nearly a Wrap

With the conclusion of Rivertown Cross, regional racers have but one last race to rack up points. PACX has instituted a ‘best of 8 rule’ for series standings, and not a few racers will be hoping to void out some previous results with a better finish next weekend at Solstice Cross. Some heated series pursuits have been fought for, and a few categories’ podiums won’t be resolved until the final race!

Plenty to Talk About

For more info and media specific to each of the day’s races, scroll below! Our goal is to grow our ‘coverage’ for each race, and to bring more and more high quality content to showcase all of our region’s amazing racers! Enjoy!

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